Arty Facts

With most of our art products currently made in China, it’s nice to find a family owned business that makes quality products.
German owned company, Schmincke have their own methods in producing their oil and watercolour paints. 
Schmincke Horodam watercolours in pans are still poured using special machinery in a 4-stage process thereby using the same consistency in their pans as in the watercolour tubes.  This process, which takes 3-5 months, also results in brighter pigmented colours.

The oil paints come in two grades, both of them artist quality.  The difference is that the Mussini range contains natural oil resin, a product used by the old Italian Masters.  These oils, too, are allowed to settle, so excess oil is taken off during a 4 month curing process.  The other important factor is that only one pigment is used in both the Mussini and Norma ranges where possible, resulting in beautiful, bright pigmented colours.
These paints are creamy and flow easily.  They have also added some unusual colours to their range including a range of gold colours.


There is a wonderful range of watercolours that are transparent, vibrant and permanent.  This is the quinacridone range which covers a multitude of reds through pinks and purples.  Then there is the colour that is well known, quinacridone gold, to which range has been added quinacridone sienna.
This range of specialised colours makes a wonderful addition to a flower painting watercolour palette but be aware, they are very permanent and staining.

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