Friday, March 27, 2015

March Monthly Meeting - Art as Investment!

Our March meeting was one with a difference. Alfie Bester, director and fiduciary specialist with Legacy FS, gave us a very interesting talk on art as an investment. We had our eyes opened to the workings of the investment world, provoking thoughts and ideas that would previously never have crossed our minds.

Alfie is himself an avid art collector, who has firsthand knowledge of the benefits of buying art, not only for its aesthetic value, but also for investment purposes. One has to buy with an educated eye and knowledge of the market, which Alfie, being one of the founder members of the Citadel art price index, certainly has. The index is used to analyse and track the value changes in art over a period of time.

These are not concepts we generally ponder while slaving away in our studios, but maybe one day it'll be one of us whose work is considered an investment. Of course, if you happen to be another Pablo Picasso, every scribble you make will be worth millions!

We were given much food for thought....and for eating, for that matter.....the wine and snacks, which lent a festive air to the meeting, were sponsored by "Legacy FS"

    Thank you Alfie for a most informative evening.

    .....and well done Glenda on your first meeting as
    President of SASA!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Walkabout at the "Rembrandt in South Africa" exhibition

On Wednesday 18 March, a group of SASA members met at the Old Townhouse on Greenmarket square for a guided tour of the exhibition of Rembrandt's etchings.

We were very privileged to have had Hayden Proud share his vast knowledge on the subject with us, as he talked us through the exhibition.

Hayden is the "Senior Curator of Historical Painting and Sculpture" at Iziko National Gallery and we thank him for taking the time to show us around the largest exhibition of Rembrandt's work ever to be held in this country, borrowed from various private and public South African collections.


It was fascinating to see Rembrandt's beautiful, fine line work at such close proximity and to be able to compare his work to that of his students and followers.

The exhibition, and the beautiful building in which it is housed, is well worth a second visit.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Art In the Park, Saturday 7 March 2015

       Rondebosch Park once again proved to be the perfect venue    
       for SASA "Art In The Park" and the weather was perfect as
       well - not too hot and not too windy (although seasoned "art
       in the parkers" had everything firmly tied down just in case!)

There was a lovely buzz of happy buyers and sellers, and browsers who had to see everything before they could leave. The food stalls did very well too, with a steady stream of customers filling their tables and enjoying the ambiance.

Adding to the atmosphere, was a busking council member, who earned a bit of extra pocket money with a sax and a backing track.

Thanks everyone for another successful, well-run event, enjoyed by all our members and patrons of all ages.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting

The SASA AGM was held at the Athenaeum on Thursday 26 February.


 Our current president, Linda Howe-Ely, delivered her "State of the Society" address and announced
 her resignation from the post, after serving in various positions on the council for 12 years. Thanks
 Linda for all those years, we're going to miss you. She thanked the other two outgoing council
 members - Denzil Haenow and Solly Gutman - and welcomed the incoming members to the council.

After the serious business of the meeting was concluded,
the attending members cast their votes for their favourites
in the annual drawing competition. This year's theme was
"Coffee", a subject which could have many different

When all the votes were tallied, the winners were.... in third
place Drexler Kyzer, with his drawing entitled "Coffee Break",
second place went to Taubelle Gersh for "Better Latte Than Never"
and Craig Paton-Ash was the winner with his beautiful still-life,
"B1 for Coffee".