Friday, August 29, 2014

AUGUST MONTHLY MEETING - Lyn Northam on plein air painting

Lyn Northam - a SASA Fellow - came to
speak to us at the August meeting and, literally and figuratively, unpacked her plein air painting bag in front of a crowded house.

         She gave us the benefit of her years of experience of
         outdoor painting, sharing her secrets regarding
         equipment, as well as tips on where to go and what
         to avoid.

Lyn's sketchbooks provided valuable
information on the planning of a plein air painting and gave us an insight into her
thought processes concerning choice of
palette and composition.


     Lyn believes that to be a plein air 
     artist it helps to be slightly mad!
     To capture the nuances of light in
     clouds and mist, you have to be
     out there, so ignore the weather
     forecast and go anyway.

She urges us to "Pick more daisies and smell the sea spray."

Thank you Lyn, for the inspiration. I'm sure you'll soon
be seeing a lot more of us packing up and "venturing into
the great outdoors".

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


On the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of August, hopeful members flocked to Rustenburg High School with artworks to be considered for selection for the 108th SASA Annual Exhibition.


The exhibition will be held in the Sanlam Hall at Kirstenbosch Gardens, between the 6th and 16th of October.

This was an extremely busy weekend for the organisers and
their cheerful team of helpers. With over 400 artworks to deal
with, the process had to be very well planned and carried out
to avoid problems. Which it was and did!

    The judges also had their work cut out
    for them, viewing and allocating points
    to each piece brought to them from the
    veritable sea of paintings in the hall. This 
    was just the beginning. They then had to
    choose the best of the best and award
    trophies and commendations.

The trophies went to: Margie Taswell-Yates for best Acrylic; Adele Galgut for best drawing; Laura Wenman for best oil; Pam Quinlan for best watercolour, Charles Van der Merwe for best pastel and Peter Nicolle for best sculpture.

This year's judges were Riaan Cronje (HOD Visual Arts, Design, Dramatic Arts, Dance Studies at Elkanah House High School); Jenny Parsons (professional Artist); David Oertel (HOD Visual Arts, Springfield Convent)

Well done everyone for a pleasant and smoothly run selection weekend.
And a special thank you to Mary McMillan for a great catering job.

Friday, August 1, 2014


   The monthly meeting for July was a great 
   platform for our annual "Landscape, Life and
   Still-life" competition. We had numerous entries
   for each category, varying widely in style and

   So many of the works presented were of such
   high standard, it made choosing a favourite very

 A big "Thank You" must go to Lesley Charnock and Inge Semple, two experienced art teachers and SASA members, who very kindly agreed to give a brief critique on each painting submitted. A mammoth task!

They had wonderful words of wisdom to share with us and very positive, constructive criticism for each artwork.

First prize for the "Portrait" went to Penny Steynor for her watercolour portrait, with which Lesley and Inge could find no fault. Beautifully done Penny.

Laura Wenman, most deservedly, won First Prize in both the "Still-life" and the "Landscape" categories. Her distinctive, loose style and lovely sense of colour adapt well to any chosen subject matter.