Sunday, July 27, 2014



A watercolour workshop with Penny Steynor

On Saturday 26 July Penny Steynor presented a fascinating workshop on the art of portrait painting in watercolour.

She spoke about proportions and angles of the face, head and neck, which all help a portrait to look "right".

Penny showed us how to "map" a face, using the contours of the shadows to create form.  She also demonstrated the mixing of colours for natural skin tones and the different palette one would use for painting her beautiful cheetah.

Through simple exercises, we learned to paint a portrait, by layering washes of colour, concentrating on the contrasts of light and dark areas and avoiding superfluous detail.

We all left feeling that we had acquired a new set of skills. Thank you Penny.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The fifth and final life drawing morning for this season was, once again, a very enjoyable one.
We have Jorge's lovely, substantial frame and accommodating manner to thank for that.

We've been lucky to have such a varied selection of models to draw, presenting new challenges each week.

Thanks everyone for your participation and assistance, making this a most satisfying series of life drawing sessions.

Monday, July 14, 2014




On Saturday July 12th we had the fourth Life Drawing session for the season. This time, thanks to  our model, Ghadija, we had a lovely landscape of curves to draw.

It was, once again, a wonderfully satisfying morning and everyone left feeling happy and contented, with lots of inspiration for future works of art.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Desire was our beautiful model for the most recent life drawing morning.
Everyone was captivated by her classical look and graceful poses. Thank you Desire, I think you're going to be very busy!

While it poured with rain and was very
cold outside, the atmosphere in the hall
was warm and friendly. The time passed
far too quickly for the artists, totally
absorbed in their work.

Thanks again to the willing hands who helped pack up afterwards.