Sunday, April 14, 2013


We had our big Sketch Crawl this Saturday. in stunning weather conditions, starting at 9am at Het Posthuys, which the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society opened specially for us and gave a short fasinating History. 
We sketched there for 30 minutes and then moved to the Station at 10am, to tackle the beautiful station building befor moving to the beachfront at 11am.
It was very well attended and the most wonderful sketches and paintings emerged. 
By 12.30, we where ready for a small bight to eat and met up at "Knead" restaurant to finish of a very successful day. Enjoy the photos below!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ryno Swart Demo

On the 28 March SASA hosted Ryno Swart who did a demo in oil at the Athenaeum.
We had a wonderful attendance from the members, with hardly a chair left.
Ryno entertained us with stories of his time in Paris, years ago and talked us through his "still life" painting of a tea cup and small coffee pot.
Thank you Ryno for a beautiful little painting  !!

Still Life of Cup and Coffee Pot

Ryno at work

Not quite finished, but nearly there!