Thursday, June 23, 2011

Members' Exhibition Number 1 for 2011

As Lorna said in her letter (see newsletter of June 2011) - Whew!  A lot of work by some very dedicated helpers made the first Members' Exhibition for this year such a success.  But mostly it was the Artists.  Incredible artwork made the show, so take a big bow all of you who took part.

And now we're getting ready to start the process all over again for the 2nd Members' Exhibition.  This is the first time we are having two open exhibitions, a trend we hope to follow from now on.

A few fun photos of some of the super efficient helpers on the day.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well, Members' Exhibition 1 is behind us and despite the weather, we had quite a few people through the doors.  

The evening before the opening of the exhibition, we were treated to Judy Moolenschot talking about modern art specifically relating to South Africa.  What a mine if information Judy is and what amazing work we were treated to.  Judy is passionate about her subject and swept us along with her enthusiasm.  Thank you Judy.