Tuesday, October 5, 2010


John Smith, our Kwa-Zulu Natal "correspondent's" latest Thoughts.. published under "Interesting Articles" makes for very interesting reading this month.  It concerns plagiarism generally and painting over giclees in  particular - or as he has titled it Prostitutes and Pimps? - Is the Fine Art Industry becoming a Brothel?  John's articles are now also being published by SA Art Times.

A Demo with a Difference

The Society has been treated to some wonderful demos and talks this past year, and Liesl Hartmann was no exception!

The Principal of the Frank Joubert Art School, Liesl has a long history with the arts.  It was a pleasure seeing her demo her particular style of acrylic abstract painting.  And she continually emphasised that Art is a Passion and comes straight from the soul and the heart.

Thank you Liesl, from all who attended your enthralling demo.

Liesl Hartmann