Friday, March 26, 2010

A letter of Appeal

Dear Linda,
I hope this email finds you well. I got your email address from Lesley Charnock. I work for an NGO, Partners with After School Care Projects, PASCaP Trust. We run an after school care programme at Hout Bay High and Heathfield High Schools, where learners spend two hours with us each day after school. In the first hour they do homework supervised by the facilitator and in the second hour they do various enrichment programmes such as choir, dance, photography and self defence. These workshops are offered by volunteers for an hour once a week. The learners at the Heathfield High After School Care Programme are very interested in learning to draw and paint. Lesley suggested that I email you to ask if there are members of the society who are willing to volunteer an hour a week to teach the learners basic drawing and painting classes. We would provide the art materials, but the volunteer would need to give us a list of what is needed.

We are also looking for a volunteer who would be willing to come and do three two-hour workshops during our holiday programme at Hout Bay High School on Monday June 29, Tuesday June 30 or Friday July 3.
I look forward to hearing from you
Best wishes
Toni Stuart
After School Care Facilitator
Hout Bay High School
PASCaP Trust
021 713 0754
072 656 2013
Please contact Toni direct at one of the above numbers.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Merit Exhibition March 20th

The prestigious Merit Exhibition opens this Saturday, March 20th at Kirstenbosch Sanlam Hall.  

In qualifying for the Merit, these artists had to achieve a minimum of 25 points for their three paintings submitted to the Annual Exhibition Selection Day.  With a total of 6 judges making the call, this was not easy, but here is the list of those who made the cut!  Well done to all of you.

Bill Brown,  Margie Johnson,  June Hofmeyr,  Nola Muller-Viotti,  Marion Langton,  Margarida Baptista,  Ros Walters,  Penny Steynor,  Ann Mingay,  Di Ackerman,  Colleen Ross,  Ray Potter,  Mandy McKay,  Ginny Hickling,  Eileen Bass,  Judy Wheeler,  Laura Wenman,  Charles vd Merwe,  Claudia Treagus,  Helene Swart,  Klaus Schilling,  Wyn Rossouw,  John Robert,  Barbara Lewis,  Jeanne le Roux,  Fanie le Roux,  Patricia Fraser,  Marion Cross,  Karen Burns,  Geoff Price,  Valda Preen,  Albert Lastovica,  Viv King,  Sue Joyce,  Brian Johnson,  Jeanette Hablutzel,  Solly Gutman,  Judy Fish,  Sylvia de Villiers,  Paul Birchall.

St James Beach Sea Gazer by Bill Brown
Best Acrylic

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Interesting Articles

We have added a new page to our blog - on the right hand side at the top, click on 'Interesting Articles' and you can read some very pertinent, thought provoking and hard hitting articles by KZN based artist and writer, John Smith.  We will be publishing his monthly 'Thoughts from my Studio' under this heading, so keep your eyes open.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Perfect Canvas - check this out!

We have received the following notification from SANAVA - maybe yours could be the one chosen by Woolies!

‘The Perfect Canvas’ by Woolworths  -  Please remind all members of the project which Woolworths is running in partnership with SANAVA, in terms of which artists who are members of the Association are encouraged to submit images of colourful work which Woolworths may decide to display on their eco-friendly shopping bags.   Please refer to Woolworths’   

Woolworths drew our attention to the fact that participants often tend to ignore the conditions relating to the exact sizes of images that are to be submitted as entries for consideration.   The final printed size of the picture on the bag should be strictly respected.   This should be 430mm (horizontal) by 300mm (vertical).   Odd sizes may have to be cropped.   Any medium (oils, pastels, watercolours, photography, etc) may be used.   Slides are not acceptable.   Important also:  the works must be ‘happy’.   No sad subjects, sombre colours or identifiable items, places, etc! 


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Charles Reid's 5 Tips for Painting Water

There is a wonderful site for watercolourists called 'The Watercolor Artist', an American site that sends you all sorts of useful tips and information - all you have to do is subscribe.  It is an electronic newsletter devoted exclusively to watermedia and designed especially for you, the watermedia artist.  Email them on Watercolor Artist [] and they'll send you their weekly newsletter.

In their February 25th letter, they published this piece by Charles Reid which we thought we would pass on to you - both from an informative point of view, as well as to see they type of article they publish.

Charles Reid's 5 Tips for Painting Water

Here's a little gem we plucked from our archives: Charles Reid's best tips for painting water:

1. Water should be painted with hard edges between the light from the sky and the reflections from trees, buildings or boats.
2. Paint wet-in-wet within the reflections but rarely where the reflection meets the sunlight.
3. For distant water on the horizon, try moist Antwerp blue or peacock blue (Holbein). Sometimes I use ultramarine violet if the horizon line of the sea seems very dark.
4. In shallow water, use diluted Antwerp blue, peacock blue or Winsor blue. These are all transparent blues that retain their color identity when diluted.
5. Sometimes water near the shore can turn a delicate turquoise green. You can add turquoise green to your palette, or simply mix diluted cadmium yellow pale or lemon yellow with one of the diluted blues to achieve the same color.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Accessing Information

We have added pages to the blog.

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